Glad I have your company to be there when I go out of the country!! I never worry.

Susan G., Reston, VA

We want to thank Pet Elf for the wonderful service you gave us. We never worried about how Karellen was doing, he was loved and very well cared for. In addition, you were great about the many changes we made even at the last minute. We can’t thank you enough for being there.

Carrie J., Reston, VA

I want to provide feedback about Pat and Carmen.  They are truly wonderful cat sitters.  I really feel like the truly care about my kitties well being.  We are having trouble getting our mature female to accept a new kitten.  She seemed more confident after we returned from our vacation.  It is obvious the gave her much love and attention, in addition to getting the kitten played out a bit.

Linda G., Herndon, VA

I want to let you know how grateful I am for Karla’s very kind and competent help when she came to give medication to my cat, Bella. She could not have been more wonderful.  It is such a comfort of know you all are there when one feels so much in need.

Thank you!

Ellen G., Reston, VA

You guys have been awesome to work with, truly. I could travel and know my pets were in good hands.

Allison D., Reston, VA

Thank you very much!   I’m so thankful that we found Lisa and The Pet Elf because it gave us great peace of mind to be able to travel, knowing that our cats were so well cared for.   Lisa left us a daily note, and she gave the cats a lot of TLC as well as fresh food and water — also little gifts for the cats and wonderful pictures of the cats for us.   A million thanks!   We’ll be traveling again in 2020 and will definitely be in touch with you again!

Melissa A., Reston, VA

Other than our closest friend we trust Pet Elf to take care of our kitty. Their rates are more than reasonable for the care and kindness they show. Danielle is wonderful, our Karellen liked her right off, she is a true loving cat lady. while we were gone our storm door blew open and broke, she was kind enough to tie it back for us. She also sent photos everyday with an update. Pet Elf is very professional, their client website very innovative and easy to use. We would never put our guy in a kennel where they keep your pet in a cage 23 hours a day and then charge extra for more than an hour of free time. A kennel setting would depress him so we have always kept him at home. It has been difficult to find a friend during holidays abroad so when a friend recommended Pet Elf we felt good. After talking, meeting and settings things up we felt very confident that our boy would be safe, well cared for, and we were right. We will never use any other service, we will always use Pet Elf. If you love your pet as we do, and hate the idea and setting of a kennel then contact Pet Elf, you will be glad you did

Carrie J., Reston, VA

Thank you so much for being such a great company to care for my cats. I’m so happy I found you 🙂 I appreciate the peace of mind so much while we are away.

Lynn O., Reston, VA

Thank you and Pat and Carmen continue to be awesome! Look forward to having them back soon.

Susan G., Reston, VA

Karen did a GREAT job.  She updated us with each visit, left detailed notes for us, and kept the house clean.  The biggest difference was [our cat].  He was never crying or upset as he had been with our prior trips and he was much calmer and more relaxed when we got home than he had ever been in the past.  Thank you and please thank Karen again for us.

David, Herndon
The Pet Elf 12020 Sunrise Valley Dr. Suite 137 Reston, VA 20191