Linda G., Herndon, VA

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Carmen and Pat are fantastic! And, went above and beyond.  I had a freight delivery which they helped me with (an it was snug in my garage when I got home. The [cleaning service] let one of my cats outside and neglected to tell anyone. Carmen and Pat diligently looked for [her] and she eventually showed up at the front door.  The [cleaning service] also blew a breaker that my Pet Elves resolved; my Pet Elves also identified and turned off a persistently running toilet.  It was quite the week!

And, my cats were soooo Happy when I got home!  Even [the cat] who struggles with constipation.  And they put Miralax in his food once a day as requested.

OMG, I could not have had a relaxing return from my vacation without them!

Thank you Carmen and Pat!!!!!

Linda G., Herndon, VA
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