Pet Sitting Visits

Pet Sitting Visits – $26

45 minute visits – $38
60 minute visits – $44
Additional pet – $2

Going on vacation or business trip, or working late? When you need extra care, we are there! Our 30 minute (minimum) visit is a more comprehensive visit, including walks, feeding, litter box cleaning and loving attention. Our pet sitting visits are made a minimum of every 24 hours. Please do not ask us to skip visits, or come every other day. In order to provide the level of care your pet deserves, we must visit at least once per day for cats and caged pets, and three times daily for dogs.

We will provide home care at no additional charge, including bringing in the mail and papers, watering houseplants, alternating lights and taking out the trash. Please ask if you have any additional duties you’d like us to perform.

Dogs: A pet sitting visit is a great solution when you find yourself away from home longer than usual. Have meetings late one night? Book a dinner visit and you’ll come home to a fed, content pup! We will feed your dog, go for a walk (or spend time in the yard) and spend time petting and playing. Pet sitting visits may be combined with Midday Dog Walks to build a custom care package to suit your pet. This level of care is suitable for shorter  (1 – 2 day) trips or for occasional “as needed” morning or evening service. For longer vacation or business trips, we recommend our Overnight Stays.

Cats: Our feline clients benefit from one to two visits daily, depending on their needs. We will scoop the box each visit and clean and replace litter as necessary. Your cat is fed, and dishes and feeding area are washed and wiped. The rest is up to your cat! We can spend time playing, petting, brushing or just sitting and talking calmly – whatever he chooses.

We can also provide additional services including subcutaneous fluids or insulin injections. Please let us know when you book if your cat requires medical services. Of course Overnight Stays are always available for your feline companion.

Caged Pets:  Are you the lucky parent who got to bring home the class Guinea Pig? No problem! We can care for a multitude of pocket pets, including rats, mice, guinea pigs, gerbils, and rabbits. We will feed pellets or seeds and fresh food and water and change the bedding as necessary.

Exotics/Reptiles: Is your pet a little more exotic? Our caretakers have experience with exotics from ferrets to hedgehogs to hermit crabs. We will feed pellets, fresh food and crickets as necessary. We will follow your routine to ensure the safest care for your exotic pet.

Birds: Birds require special care, and we have staff who are knowledgeable about your feathered friends! We can care for smaller birds like Cockatiels and Lovebirds, and we can also care for your parrots. We have cared for Macaws, African Greys,  and Amazons . We’ll feed pellets, seeds and fresh food as required by your bird. Fresh water is provided each visit, and cage papers are changes daily or as required. Please note that Overnight Stays are also available for parrots.

Short Notice: In order to accommodate our last-minute requests, a $10 premium applies to all visits booked less than four days before the first visit.

Same Day Service:$20 premium applies to all bookings made less than 24 hours from the start date. This is a one-time fee in addition to your regular rates.

Cancellations: A cancellation fee of $25 will apply to all reservations cancelled within four days of the start date.

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